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Quick Fact
Terengganu tower drawbridge is 638 meter in length. Its 76-meter bascule can be raised and lowered using counterweights to allow for vessels to pass underneath it.

This drawbridge will be an iconic structure for Kuala Terengganu in line with its vision of a sustainable and viable “Coastal Heritage City” (Bandaraya Warisan Pesisir Air).

Interesting Fact

Elevation from sea level: 106M
Elevation of street level (tower lobby): 88M
Has 4 main features:

As a gateway that regularises traffic flow to the new Kuala Terengganu City Centre (KTCC)
An iconic landmark structure with a central bascule span bordered by 4 towers and 2 skybridge
Skybridge can double as an Observation Platform, a Sky Café / Restaurant & Gallery

The tower drawbridge provides a road link between the development of the North and South Estuaries, and the existing Kuala Terengganu. This will reduce traffic congestion and disperse traffic in the urban areas.

It will also provide faster alternate routes / entrances from the airport to the City.

It will be the main catalyst that will help to create a commercial centre by bringing steady traffic to the Kuala Terengganu City Centre (KTCC) while promoting shipbuilding industry and avoiding segmentation problems between the two estuaries.

Its iconic design will certainly make it a tourist attraction that will positively boost tourism industry in Kuala Terengganu.

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